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Sunday, November 15, 2015

I once saw a hero on television

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Some people like their entertainment to be violent, or sexy or funny or gentle.  I like what I like if it tickles my childlike heart.  I love honor, virtue, kindness, and moral strength.  I know a person who likes the same sort of stuff that I do, but loves the violence, loves the action and when it shows too much heart, complains that it was too emotional, or too kissy.

Growing up I had no access to higher tech, no vcr, no cable television, but I tried still, when possible to watch anything I might, of an science fiction or fantastic nature.  I loved Godzilla, I loved King Arthur, and in silver and red, Ultraman was perfectly cheesy, and fun.

There will be a high quality version of Ultraman coming in 2016.  I plan to see it.  There is a new series of Manga Ultraman appearing on US shelves soon.  I plan, if possible, to buy it.  Ultraman is comfort food.  I am fully aware that it is not perfect.  But it comforts me.

I've bought all of the comic adaptations available to an American.  And I haven't the money to pursue foreign versions of the comics I want.  So, I am hoping for a great 2016.

Viz Media is releasing the Ultraman comic/manga series that I must buy.  Each volume is 13 dollars, and I don't have 13 dollars to my name, so I sure will have to save money to buy them, but some things are worth waiting for... and hell, I deserve good things, now and then.